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Allergy, Asthma
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What To Expect

We strive to provide all of our services in a comfortable, patient-focused environment. We are committed to serving our community with the highest quality medical services, delivered in a patient-friendly manner.

Testing services include Pulmonary Function testing, as well as the availability of complete laboratory services.

Our services extend to patients throughout Burlington, Greensboro, and the surrounding areas. If you’re experiencing allergy or asthma symptoms, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Allergy Testing, Allergy Shots & Other Services

Immunotherapy Department:

Your physician may prescribe allergy injections as a part of your treatment plan.  We offer a walk-in Immunotherapy Injection Department conveniently located next to our office.  A nurse will keep your prescribed serum on-site and will administer your injection.  No appointment is necessary.

We ask that you plan to remain in the waiting area at least 30 minutes after your injection to ensure that you have no serious reaction to your therapy.


If your condition indicates that an imaging procedure is necessary, we have working relationships with several Radiology facilities in the Triad.  The results of your tests at these facilities will be transmitted back to our office and your physician will review your results.  CT scans of the sinus to identify possible infection or structural concerns, and chest X-rays are the most commonly ordered procedures by our staff.

If you are pregnant or suspect that you might be pregnant, please notify a member of our nursing staff prior to any radiology procedure.

Medical Equipment and Services:

The following is a sample of some of the equipment and services available in our office. Your physician will determine which of these test may be necessary in your assessment and ongoing care. In our practice we strive to use resources carefully, and are mindful of controlling costs, but want to make certain that you receive the best care we can provide.

Your nurse or physician will be glad to further explain any test or procedure that they recommend.

Allergy Testing 

During skin allergy testing, your skin is exposed to allergens that are suspected to be the cause of your allergy symptoms.  Although skin tests are typically safe, there are particular circumstances where skin tests are not recommended. We may advise against skin tests if you:

Have skin conditions – The arms and back are typical locations for allergy testing. If you have skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema that affect large portions of skin in these areas, there may not be enough skin that can be used for an accurate test. 

Are currently taking medication that can disrupt test results – Medication such as antidepressants and antihistamines could interfere with the test results. Discontinuing the medication for the sake of an allergy test may not be in your health’s best interest, so our doctors will consult with you on how to go forward. 

have experienced a severe allergic reaction – If you’ve experienced a severe allergic reaction, you may be so vulnerable to certain allergens that the small amount that is used for testing can cause serious harm. 

If you are experiencing any allergy symptoms, we urge you to give us a call or visit our office. We proudly provide services for the following allergies:

  • Pollen Allergies
  • Environmental Allergies 
  • Food Allergies 
  • Peanut Allergies
  • Seasonal Allergies